Blitz crossed the Rainbow Bridge years ago, but our dogs live in our hearts forever. I had promised myself to write about my rascal and how his antics could change the Rainbow Bridge. After so many years, the outpouring of emotions made it almost impossible to write. But it's finally done. I owed it to him. A percentage of the royalties will go to the DC Weimaraner Rescue. It’s available now at your favorite outlets worldwide. Click your preferred link at the bottom of page. 



"I’ve heard rumors that once you meet your loved ones you never come back here but go with them to some other place. Maggie sort of confirmed that point admitting Spirit Guide had limited her visit to the area around the Bridge. 

She did say she felt good despite not being allowed to walk her first human father to the next place.

I’m sure you will be asking many more questions. But Blitzy, I beg you to be very careful about whatever it is you are planning to do, especially if you are going to break the rules.

No one knows what happens when you break the rules, but it can’t be pleasant."



AS OF 11/12/19 AMAZON BEST SELLER RANK #944 (above thousands in its category: "Two-Hour Science Fi

Arian S. 11/11/19

“If you are a dog lover, this is a book for you. Loving, caring, touching and surprisingly funny at times. Letters from Blitz explores the depth of our love for the man’s best friend. The book is a tribute to that unbroken bond that too often is cut short and we are left that unavoidable part of life, with grief. We don’t fully recover from it, but that’s OK. And, as the book shows, there are no shortcuts in this process, but the story of Blitz and his relationship with the author, offers a touching and intimate view at this deeply human emotion. As we begin to read through the letters between Blitz, Lars and Maggie, we soon find out that grieving is an emotion that, too, is familiar to our furry friends. I am in my fifth year of adventures with my Brittany Spaniel, and each year I learn something new about my dog and about myself. If you truly want to understand what unconditional love is, this book is for you. It is an intimate account of love, and loss, but mostly a celebration of that unbreakable bond between us and our furry friends.”

David Z. 11/08/19

" Those  blessed with a canine companion for some period in their life will  relate to the love and heartache touchingly addressed in this book. Dan  Santos has written a deeply personal novel that serves both as a tribute  to the loyal rascal Blitz and as a semi-epistolary tale exploring  issues of ethics, suffering, devotion, and renewal. A lighthearted story  that nevertheless takes its subject seriously. "

Chris D. 11/06/19

“First, let me confess that I am a dog lover and a sucker for movies and stories about dogs, from Old Yeller to A Dog’s Purpose to Marley and Me. Well, Dan Santos’ new book, Letters from Blitz, ranks right up there with those stories. It’s a story of loss, love and redemption that will make you cry and laugh. I know, I’m a guy and not supposed to cry, but I did tear up in places. But don’t worry, in the end this is not a gloomy story. Anyway, if you love dogs, this is a must read. If you love cats, I still think you’ll love this story! And if you don’t love dogs, well, shame on you.”