Blitz crossed the Rainbow Bridge years ago, but our dogs live in our hearts forever. I had promised myself to write about my rascal and how his antics could change the Rainbow Bridge. After so many years, the outpouring of emotions made it almost impossible to write. But it's finally done. I owed it to him. A percentage of the royalties will go to the DC Weimaraner Rescue. It’s available now at your favorite outlets worldwide As one of the trending books to read. Click your preferred link at the bottom of page. 

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Books to read.


"I’ve heard rumors that once you meet your loved ones you never come back here but go with them to some other place. Maggie sort of confirmed that point admitting Spirit Guide had limited her visit to the area around the Bridge. 

She did say she felt good despite not being allowed to walk her first human father to the next place.

I’m sure you will be asking many more questions. But Blitzy, I beg you to be very careful about whatever it is you are planning to do, especially if you are going to break the rules.

No one knows what happens when you break the rules, but it can’t be pleasant."

Available in eBook, paperback and hardcover formats.

Available in eBook, paperback and hardcover formats.



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