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My name is Dan Santos and I like to tell stories.

I’ve traveled to many places and seen incredible things, beautiful people, unbelievable goodness and despicable evil in all their manifestations. These places, people and things might go unnoticed unless someone tells others about them. That’s what I do, hoping to transport readers from their everyday reality to a different world.

My writing reflects years of serving my country and my family as a soldier, diplomat, son, husband, father and human companion. All these I’ve done with great intensity because I believe there is no other way to live life.


Standing by Rock Creek

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While I dedicate the bulk of my writing time to my own novels, I  also read a lot. I truly believe reading widens personal horizons and  promotes understanding. That’s the purpose of this blog.

To review these books I may reproduce book cover images published at  Amazon, as well as short excerpts from the book. I believe I’m permitted  to do this under the fair use doctrine of copyright law. I will remove  images and excerpts upon request by copyright owners.

I do not charge a fee to review books, although I may accept an  author provided copy of the book upon their review request. In addition  to this blog, I post my reviews on Amazon, Goodreads, Twitter and my  Facebook Page and

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